Critical Connected Learning for Teachers, Mentors, and Educators

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Facilitators: Dr. Anna Smith & Christopher Rogers

Sharing our experiences engaging in connected learning with pre-service and in-service teachers, mentors, and educators in K-12 schools, colleges, communities, and online, we will invite participants to engage in a production-centered mapping workshop on designing and engaging in critical connected learning with educators. Focused on building authentic partnership, we will discuss ways to support an openly networked vision of teacher education that engages multiple interest-driven learning pathways, values community assets, spaces, and institutions, and builds shared purpose with communities outside of school. Connected Learning is a participatory design framework that stemmed from ethnographic studies focused on how youth learn in informal settings and richly networked digital environments. A primary goal of connected learning is the creation of more just educational opportunities and democratic futures. It promotes learning (for youth and adult alike) that is interest-driven with opportunity to produce in networked (off- and online), peer-based, and intergenerational communities. In teacher education, then, connected learning can be taken up in two ways: 1) designing connected learning opportunities for/with our teachers and mentors; and 2) supporting teachers and mentors in designing connected learning opportunities for/with their students and mentees.