The Marginal Syllabus: Annotating the Web, (re)Marking on Educational Equity

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Facilitator: Dr. Remi Kalir

The Marginal Syllabus convenes and sustains conversations with educators about equity in education via open and collaborative web annotation. The project – a partnership among authors and publishers, the National Writing Project, the web annotation organization Hypothesis, and university researchers – embraces a political and technical double entendre; the Marginal Syllabus partners with authors whose writing may be considered marginal (or contrary) to dominant education norms, and conversations with authors and text-participants occur in the margins of online texts using the web annotation platform Hypothesis. Piloted during 2016-17, the first syllabus featured nine conversations with ten partner authors about topics like information accessibility, critical literacy, and culturally relevant pedagogy. The 2017-18 syllabus, hosted by the National Writing Project, was organized around the theme “Writing Our Civic Futures;” it featured eight conversations with 12 partner authors. In this workshop, teacher educators will:

  • Learn how to use the open web annotation platform Hypothesis Author multimodal Hypothesis annotations both publicly and privately
  • Contribute to Marginal Syllabus annotation conversations
  • Identify strategies for incorporating open web annotation activities, like the Marginal Syllabus, into both teacher education courses and educator professional development
  • Preview the 2018-19 Marginal Syllabus, including the syllabus theme, partner authors, focal texts, and collaborative opportunities