What Kind of Teacher Education Do We Need in Our Current Turbulent Times?

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Keynote Talk by Dr. Katherine Schultz

Maxine Greene, who would have turned 100 this year, presciently wrote nearly 30 years ago:

“The point is that we are in a new country as we education professors try to recreate our purposes and find new words for the old songs. We will be outside the law until we find our language of compassion; and then we will write our new maps and keep exploring, gorge after untapped gorge. And there will be norms we can agree on, principles we can freely make our own in a sphere of compassion, a sphere of care.”

In many ways, once again, we are again in a “new country” as Greene suggests, and in times that demand action, compassion, and love. In this moment, we are compelled to ask the following question, among others: what are the practices, tools, and dispositions that will transform teacher education in order to prepare new teachers to draw on the equity-minded, anti-racist practices necessary in our current times. In this talk, Dr. Schultz suggests several principles to guide teacher educators as they undertake this project, in order to prompt dialogue about the consequential work of preparing the next generation of teachers.